Some easy way to stop auto-renewal service

avast subscription renewal

A subscription message will appear on your system when you browse the Avast antivirus. You will receive the most recent information about Avast antivirus once you click the subscription button. Avast also alerts you about problems such as viruses and infected files. Sometimes, Avast Auto-Renewal can be very painful for users who work in the system. This subscription message may cause problems by alerting users and making the window invisible.

Avast auto-renewal is a billing system that will automatically charge your PayPal or credit card. It is still very useful as you no longer need to worry about the expiry and renewal of your license. Although it may not be an issue for users who no longer use Avast, they still have to pay for it. Avast users don’t know they signed up to auto-renewal.

Avast antivirus is a trusted name on the market. It is well-respected by customers for its high-quality internet security. Avast antivirus comes in two versions: Paid and free. You will need to pay an Avast renewal charge each year if you want the app to be fully functional. You can also choose to renew your plan for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years depending on what you need.

Step 1: Visit the homepage of Avast App

To initiate the Avast renewal, first, visit the Avast home page.

Step 2: Select your desired plan

Avast allows you to select the plan that suits you best. You can choose from 1 to 3-year plans for the renewal of your anti-virus process. You can also choose to have the plan applied to multiple computers.

· Once you’ve selected the length of the licenses and the number of the machine, click “Add to Cart”. You can also choose the order for that plan.

· You can pay for your antivirus renewal plan using a credit card or PayPal.

· You will need to enter the contact information, including email address and phone number.

· Avast will send you a confirmation email once your payment has been successful.

· Open this confirmation email and then save the attached file to your hard drive.

Step 3: Open desktop

You will now need to open the desktop and click on the small arrow at the taskbar. You will find this small arrow next to the clock.

Step 4: Check out the Subscription information

To view the subscription information, right-click the Avast icon. You will see the message “You are registered” if you have purchased an upgrade Avast product. You are now registered

Step 5: Insert License file

This is the final step in the Avast renewal process. Right-click the Avast icon to access the subscription information. You will see the “insert license file” option.

Click on the link to open the file. Once you have uploaded the file, your subscription renewal will be completed.

This renewal issue can be fixed by disabling the automatic renewal of your Avast subscription with an Avast account. Log in to your Avast account and enter all credentials. Then, disable the subscription. You will no longer receive subscription messages after you disable the subscription. Follow these steps to disable subscriptions:

· To begin, go to the Avast website by entering the URL

· This will take you to the login page.

· Simply click on the “Login” button at the top-right corner.

· Please fill in all details, such as “Email address” or “Password”,

· Click on “Login” now

· Next, click “Your license”, which is located on the website.

· This will display the list of licenses available.

· Go to the “Avast Premier”, which has “Cancel Auto-Renewal”. Click on it

A new window will then open for the Avast auto-renewal subscription. It is important to read it thoroughly and then click on “Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription”.

You will now notice that your Avast subscription has been successfully canceled

You may be experiencing unexpected glitches when using the procedure. To get help right away, contact Avast customer service.

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